10 Weird & Unique Phobias That You Might Have

5. Chrematophobia

The fear of money. Either afraid of having too little or too much. One of the common phobia people have but some have a more chronic reaction to it such as dizziness, sweating and confusion.
Even some homeless people have this, they would be too afraid to beg even if they are starving.

4. Cathisophobia

The fear of sitting. They might feel that they are trapped, thus become uncomfortable and then unable to sit still. Extreme cases would stop them from driving a car, sitting in a comfortable restaurant and even watching a movie in the cinema.

3. Arithmophobia

The fear of numbers. Often a specific number like Tetraphobia for the number 4, Triskaidekaphobia for number 13 heh you know where that one comes from and the notorious Hexakosioihexakontahexaphobia (fuh a mouthful) for the number 666.

2. Technophobia

The fear of technology. In this current day and age, if you have this phobia.. You wont last long. I don’t think you’d even find this article! I mean, how would you access this article without the internet?

1. Phobophobia

The fear of having a phobia. This one is the scariest phobia of them all because it is an infinite loop of fear. It’s a paradox of fear that makes the fear from a fear that is a fear of the fear. Try making sense of that lol For that person, its a never ending circle.