10 Weird & Unique Phobias That You Might Have

Not gonna tell you which phobia I have but I do think I have some of the phobias listed here. 🙂 Which one do you think you have?

10. Symmetrophobia

The fear of symmetry. Especially architectural and artistic aspects. The symmetry may seem to be too perfect that it is too scary to be around. So at home, they may opt to abstract paintings or anything askewed.

9. Anuptaphobia

The fear of staying single or afraid of being married to the wrong person. I do think a lot of people nowadays have this. They change partners like they watch YouTube videos. Click, watch, done, next. They just can’t select the right one and afraid they will never find “the one”.

That’s one kind of anuptaphobia the other kind clings to one person even if they’re wrong for each other because of the fear of being single.

8. Xenoglossophobia

The fear of foreign languages. This happens in 3 parts, anxiety of apprehension because they are afraid they cant understand the foreign language, afraid to speak in the foreign language in fear of it being wrong and worry that people would judge you negatively for butchering the foreign language.

I say, you won’t get better if you don’t practice it. I know this because I’m bilingual heck english isn’t even my first language.

7. Koumpounophobia

The fear of buttons. This is pretty rare but not unheard off. The thought, discussion or even the sight of buttons can trigger a full blown anxiety attack. Finding clothes would be a pain if you have this phobia, all you’d be wearing are t-shirts and rubber waisted pants or skirts.

6. Botanophobia

The fear of plants. I know that some plants kill and eat insects, some are poisonous to humans, some are so huge they could just kill you if you get tangled in their branches without any machette. OK! Plants ARE scary.