5 Popular Yokai in Manga and Anime

3. KaraKasa Kozo/Kasa Obake

From Karas

This is one of those tsukumogami where an object turns into a yokai after it reached its 100th birthday. The Kasa-Obake are Chinese-style oiled-paper umbrellas that came to life.

They usually have one eye, jump around with one leg and has a long tongue like most animated objects that became yokai has. Sometimes, but very rarely, they would have two feet instead.

The Kasa-Obake are pretty harmless because all it likes to do is get people to run and be scared. It would sneak upon humans and with a sudden cold oily swipe, it would lick the human with its long and enormous tongue to get a reaction out of them. Seriously, all it does is lick and jump scare and chase.

Pretty scary if you’re the one being chased but definitely funny seeing someone else being chased by a hopping umbrella.