5 Malay Ghosts and Supernatural beings


Most of these supernatural beings are used for personal gains and the next one ill be talking about is for being rich. They are goblin like creatures that is believed to be made from dead human fetus or stillborns using black magic.

They are called Toyol. Apparently there are similar stories of these little beings in other parts of Asia such as China, Thailand, Philippines and even Korea. Their appearance look like a dead, half naked or fully naked toddler with fangs and pointy ears.

They are used to steal or cause mischief under the order of their master. The master will have a rich life at the expense of their own health or even the lives of their family members but you know, still rich.

It is also said that if any family member of the owner gets married, these toyol will go and suck the blood from the toes of the bride while she is asleep.

Now how do you ward them off? You can’t really but you can distract them from doing what they were going to do with sweets or toys because sadly they are still children. They’re just awaken from the dead by these black magic user. Quite sad if you ask me.