5 Malay Ghosts and Supernatural beings


Literally means detacher. The appearance of this creature is of a detached flying head with its own organs still dangling below it. Their blood would still be dripping from the entrails which are said to be poisonous.

This thing is not a ghost. Its a human being who practices black magic that wants to look beautiful and young. In the mornings, they are beautiful. But at night, when they have to, they will detach their head from the body. Searching for blood from women who just gave birth and the flesh of newborns. They are said to be able to move into cracks or at least just stretch its tongue to drink the blood during birth. EEgh..

The only way you can stop this it to find its source and rid of the place it keeps its body or just kill the black magic user then and there before it transforms. But.. there are laws so good luck trying to prove the person really uses black magic. HA!