5 Malay Ghosts and Supernatural beings

Ghosts and Supernatural Beings in the Malay Culture

To start off with, Malay is a race in south east Asia that are mostly found in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Now the ghosts that I’m going to talk about are mostly known in the Malay regions but similarities may be found around other parts of Asia.


Lets start off with one of the ghosts that I have an irrational fear off. They are called Pocong. Thinking of them still makes me shudder because they are reaaaallly creepy.

The story goes like this. When Muslims die, they get wrapped in white cloth. Which during the burial ceremony would be loosened right before being buried. When the knot on the head of the deceased is not loosened. The dead would be unsettled and come back as Pocong.

They would be found in cemeteries still fully wrapped in white cloth just standing upright and staring at people with unblinking eyes. Their face could range from normal to very decomposed probably depends on how long it has been dead for. They are also said to be slightly hovering and could teleport from one place to the other.

It doesn’t cause any harm but they will follow you because all they want is their knots to be loosened.

Thats why it creeps me out… the haunting and all you could do is wait for it to leave you or actually touch it and release it from its suffering. >.<