7 Ways to Become Immortal (Supposedly)

Way to become immortal #3

I’ve talked about this particular man in my video about claimed immortals. This man is Count of St Germain. From my previous research it was said that within the 40 years he was known to be in Europe, he always had the appearance of a 40+ year old.

Either he looked old since he was young or he was indeed immortal. But either way, people believed the power to his immortality is in his use of precious metals and stones plus his obvious interest in alchemy. Even in today’s age, gold is still considered one of the ingredients in some beauty products.

Now what do the words alchemy, stones and gold reminds you of? Of course, the philosopher’s stone. The philosopher’s stone is an unknown substance that could transform base metals into gold and can make an elixir for immortality. But in some legends, even with just having the Stone in one’s possession it can grant unending life as well.

The stone apparently originated from the 8th century by the theories of an Islamic alchemist called Geber A.K.A Abu Musa Jabir Ibn Hayyan. Geber was known as “the father of Arab chemistry” by the Europeans of the time. He theorised a substance needed for the transmutation of these metals. It was imagined to be some dry powder from a specific mythical stone, the philosopher’s stone. The powdery substance from the stone is often called as carmot.

Anyways, he is believed to be the inventor of aqua regia which is a chemical mixture that is still used even today for gold recovery and purification. So is the philosopher’s stone obtainable? Who knows.

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