7 Ways to Become Immortal (Supposedly)

Way to become immortal #6

Lucas Cranach the Elder [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The fountain of youth have been told in all sorts of literature across the globe. It goes way back from the 5th century BC by the writings of Herodotus who was a Greek Historian. Then 3rd century BC during the Era of Alexander the Great. In the 11th and 12th century AD during the crusades and to the 16th century from the legends by a Spanish explorer called Juan Ponce de Leon.

Herodotus talked about a fountain in the land of the Macrobians which was a legendary tribe of Aethiopia. They were said to have a long life of a few hundred years old. The fountain was described as weak where nothing seems to be able to float in it. The scent of violets are said to come from it and the consistency of the fluid is like oil leaving a glossy and sleek feel on the skin.

The legend from Alexander the Great involved him travelling across worlds to the Land of Darkness where only his servant could see where they were going. Apparently only the servant drank from the spring and achieved immortality.

Anyways, there’s a lot of other places on earth that people associate with the fountain of youth. But none of them have been proven 100% to be the fountain of youth. This gives some people the belief that the fountain of youth is magical. Thus, would only show itself to those that it deems worthy or only show itself for a short period of time in obscured places.

So, to be immortal or atleast always young, you’ll need to find the fountain of youth and stockpile an infinite amount of liquid that came from it.

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