7 Ways to Become Immortal (Supposedly)

Stories and legends tells the tale of people achieving immortality. That is whether they liked it or not. Here are 7 instances on how to become immortal according to old myths and legends. Because who knows, maybe just maybe, you could do it too.

Way to become immortal #7

Have you ever heard of the moon rabbit?

Well, there are a lot of legends about the moon and rabbits from different parts of the world. From the Aztecs, Native Americans and across Asia. But the most notable one is the legend from East Asia with the rabbits pounding away on a mortar and pestle as you can see from the hazy, shadowy sillhoute on the moon.

The one legend that specifically talks about immortality is the one from the Chinese legend.

The legend tells the story of the immortal moon goddess called Chang’e and her rabbit that accompanies her on the moon. The rabbit’s main job is to pound away on the mortar with the pestle to make the elixir of immortality.

Though in the Japanese and Korean legends, what the rabbit is making, isn’t the elixir of immortality but rice cakes or mochi.

So if you’re feeling adventurous and have the chance to go to the moon. Look out for any rabbits or a beautiful woman. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a chance to have a bit of the elixir of immortality. Or at least some mochi or rice cake.

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