7 Scottish Folklore Creatures

3. Cu Sith

The Cu Sith is a mythological hound that is said to be the size of a young bull and looks like a wolf. From Scottish folklore they are usually green in colour, has shaggy fur and has big paws while the Irish always see them as black dogs with glowing eyes.


So when ever the Cu Sith makes its appearance or 3 barks are heard, it means that there would be death. A bit like the Erdhenne in German Mythology or the Banshee in Irish mythology as stated in my previous videos but of course with an exception that you can try to run for your safety, that is you can try.

There are also stories of them being pets or work under faeries and would either help them during hunting or help kidnap women. The women would be abducted by them and would be forced to work for the faeries by nursing faerie babies.

Also, they have this power where they could appear and disappear at will a bit like teleportation, so it would be really hard to hide from them once they know your location.