7 Scottish Folklore Creatures

6. Brollachan

This monster would linger at night on empty roads near the outskirts of towns, lurking and waiting for a victim. They aren’t picky of their victims but seems to like children the most.

They have no definitive shape and prefers to hide in the shadows and would almost always be near water. Their size could vary between 2 feet to 7 feet in width. It has glowing red eyes and would always be hidden in misty fogs during the dark of the nights.

It would only come out of the shadows when they want to enter into a person or animal, possessing them and controlling the body. The one being possessed by it would have red eyes just like the Brollachan and the colour of their body would also get darker than normal.

The victim of the possession would not last long and will die very soon, there is a ritual and special herbal medicine to drive the spirit away from the body but with the cost of getting everyone who are present cursed by the spirit.