7 Mythical Creatures in Lakes and Rivers

2. Each Uisge

They are vicious creatures and it is better to stay away from them rather than being fascinated. They are exactly like the Kelpie as mentioned in my Scottish Mythological creature video in that they can shape-shift into either a handsome man or a beautiful horse or pony. What makes them different is not in their appearance but the way they eat you.

They live mostly in lochs or the sea inlets of Scotland and just like the kelpie, they would be so majestic, people just want to try and ride it. By then it would secrete an adhesive to make you stick on it with no chance of escaping then would drag you to the nearest body of water to drown you where you can try killing it, but since you would be bound by the adhesive, its almost impossible.

Now once you drown, it would proceed in tearing your limbs apart devouring everything except for your liver and some other internal organs which is left to float. As I said earlier they are vicious, so if they get impatient they would rather attack you straight on rather than seduce you. So stay away from strangers or horses or human-horse hybrids that you see alone near a body of water.