7 Mythical Creatures in Lakes and Rivers

5. Dobhar Chu

This creature inhabits the lakes of the British Isles. They resemble either an otter or a type of dogfish which is as big as a crocodile, give or take 7 feet long. They don’t hesitate in attacking humans and could run as fast as horses when they want to.

They are usually found in a group or at least in a pair and when they are chasing, they always form a tag team taking turns chasing until their prey is caught. When they feel threatened, they give off an eerie high pitched whistle or screech to warn their group.

This creature seems to be a cryptid but because there are no hard proof of its existence, they are a bit mythical just like the Loch Ness. Sightings have been reported as far back as 1684 but tales of the Dobhar Chu seems to have been around for much longer.

Now, they say that the Dobar Chu is extremely rare or maybe even extinct. But if there is a chance that they are alive, they should be found in Achill Island, west of County Mayo in a lake named Sraheens Lough.