7 Creatures From Irish Mythology

When we think of Ireland or the Irish mythology, we would think of Leprechauns. This post will show you that there are more to Ireland than the Leprechauns and the lucky charms.

7. Grogoch

The Grogoch are little halflings, which are half human and half fairy. They are covered in reddish fur with twigs and dirt occasionally getting trapped in it and they are stark naked. They are notorious for having bad personal hygiene, you would be able to smell them around your house if they are near.

What do they do? They for whatever reason would help around the house like planting, harvesting or even doing domestic chores. All they want in return is a jug of cream or booze.

What makes them mythical? They can turn themselves invisible and only show themselves when they want to, it is also believed that if you want to get rid of them, just give them clothes. Like how little Dobby in Harry Potter got freed.