5 Rain Yokai in Japanese Folklore

3. Ame Onna / 雨女

Which means rain woman. Whenever the yokai is there, there would always be rain whether it is in the morning or nights.

She usually appears in dark streets and alleys.

Her appearance is that of a haggard woman drenched in the rain and has a habit of licking the rain water from her hands and arms.

The Ame Onna is not a benevolent yokai in that they would wander around on rainy nights to find newborn babies to steal.

They would snatch the baby away and carry it into the darkness and into their spiritual realm.

Because of grief and despair, the mothers who have their babies kidnapped by the Ame Onna are known to transform into the Ame Onna themselves and then the cycle of kidnapping continues.

In modern use, those who seems to be jinxed with rain wherever or whenever they have an important event are called either Ame Onna or for male the Ame Otoko.