5 Northern US & Canadian Folklore Creatures

4. Akhlut
Another wolf-like creature but what makes them different is that this one is either a hybrid between an orca and a wolf or is a shapeshifting spirit that can either be a wolf or an orca. So you can imagine that you wont be safe by sea or by land.

This is more of an Inuit folklore creature and it is known to prey on the Inuit people especially those who live along the Bering Sea coastline of Alaska. From folklore, they are known to have the sea as their real homes.

But the creature likes to come to land in the form of a giant white wolf and prey on humans. It is said that only when the creature is hungry would it take the form of a wolf.

Now the difference they have between the Waheela is that the wolves always disappear at the end of an ice floor. Wolf tracks would either be found going or coming from the oceans and they call this the tracks of Akhlut.

Also, because of this folklore, any dogs that seem to walk towards or from the ocean are feared as they consider them evil or a possible akhlut in wolf form.