5 Native American Folklore Creatures

#1 Rolling-Heads

These are man eating monsters. They appear to be, well, heads rolling about on the ground and sometimes can even fly but really mostly just rolling on the ground and maybe bouncing.

They are said to either be a victim of a violent murder which rose from the dead in seek of revenge. Or they become these rolling heads when cannibalism is involved, either their own flesh that’s being eaten or others.

There’s a few different stories of the rolling heads and one of them goes like this:

Long ago, in a village near a river, there was a young girl who had just reached puberty. So her parents were planning to have a Puberty Dance which is a coming of age ceremony for girls.

Anyways, the father of the child was the chief of the village and asked the villager’s women to go and strip some bark of the maple tree to make a maple-bark apron.

“But don’t take my daughter with you” he said, “go secretly” he said.

So the next morning, they went out really early. They went out without telling the girl. But the girl woke up early as well and actually followed them secretly from behind. Seeing the others stripping the bark, she followed suit. The others were surprised that she’s there but because she’s already there, they just let her be.

This is when she accidentally pricked her little finger and the blood just wont stop. Worried, that the chief might be angry, everyone ran back to the village to get help. The father saw what happened and became tense. The girl was then asked to stay at home until the bleeding stops. Because it was just a normal prick on her little finger.

Or was it JUST a prick on her little finger?

The girl kept on sucking on her fingers as if to lick her wounds. She did it until the sun sets and the more she sucks on it the more she likes it. She likes it so much she bit her little finger off and ate it. Then she went on to eat her whole body leaving just her head. Turning into an evil spirit, she bounced and rolled out of her home and started devouring every one who crosses her path.

Until one day, she saw a man sitting across the river near a rope bridge. While she was crossing the bridge to get to the man to devour him, the man noticed her. So he swiftly went to the edge of the bridge to cut the rope. She then fell into the river together with the bridge.

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