5 Native American Folklore Creatures

The Native American beliefs has a lot of mystical spirits, folklore and even weird creatures. This post will be talking about the different creepy creatures that can be found in their folklore. Enjoy~

#5 Skin-Walkers

From the Navajo legend, they are almost the same as wizards and witches like in Harry Potter. But the skin walkers are specifically evil and of course carries no wands. The Skin Walkers are those who practiced magic like the shaman or medicine man, whichever you want to call it and has reached the highest of their abilities.

Usually those who want more power are the ones that turn into these Skin-Walkers. This is because there is a taboo procedure in attaining the power of a Skin-Walker, that is: to kill their closest family member.

As a Skin-Walker, they can transform into any animal they want and rather than healing magic, they have more battle magic. You know…anything to kill people.

It was also said, the transformation to a Skin-Walker was once only used during desperate times to protect the tribe against enemies. Because of the sacrificial taboo.

But like most powers, the power was then abused by those who are power hungry and those who are just plain evil.

So the traits of a Skin-Walker is like this: When in human form, they usually wear a pelt of predator animals such as bears, coyotes, cougars and their eyes would glow when lights are shown on them just like an animal’s. In animal form, they would look like any animal they transform into but their eyes will not glow as an animal’s would.