5 Native American Folklore Creatures

The Native Americans has many mystical spirits, beliefs and even creatures. This post right here will be talking about the different creepy creatures that can be found in their folklore. Enjoy~

#5 Sabawaelnu

Also known as the Halfway People or Water People in English. They are exactly like mermaids with the upper
bodies of a human’s with a fish tail. They were described as having pale scaly skin, beautiful, has big black eyes and long hair.

They mostly just mind their own business singing and having a merry time without a care in the world or a kind hearted creature that helps humans. They have some power over water and could create waves when needed.

Like most mermaid stories around the world, or should I say most stories of beautiful female creatures around the world, men would likely want to be with them and you know what I mean, have kids with them. Some use force, some love was mutual while some was unrequited.

Especially the forced ones, quite heartbreaking.