5 Creepy Creatures in Filipino Folklore

4. Kapre

They are tree dwelling giants that are usually invisible with the naked eye. They would only make themselves visible when they feel like it. The Kapre is at least 8 to 10 ft tall, very hairy, has a beard and is quite fond of smoking cigars. Yes, very weird. They usually dwell on big trees like the banyan, acacia and even an old mango tree.

So if they are invisible, how do you know if they’re there? The easiest tell tale sign is that you would smell tobacco out of no where while being in close proximity to a tree or in the forest. Some people have experienced hearing loud laughter from unseen sources and also leaves rustling from tree branches without any wind blowing.

Now the Kapre’s form of entertainment is to get people to lose their way while in the jungle or mountain trails. Even if the person is familiar with the route, when they are enchanted by the Kapre they would still get lost. The only way for you to get out of the enchantment is by taking your shirt off and wear it inside out. Hmm… Why do I think that they got so distracted from the strip tease, it broke the enchantment?


Also, if they take a liking on a woman, they will forever stalk that woman and would make sure no man can ever come between them. Scary.

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