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7 Japanese Folklore Monsters used in Pokémon


Pokemon are based on many things. They are also based on Japanese Folklore monsters or creatures which are called Yokai. Here are 7 Pokemon and their Yokai counterpart.

7. ムウマ Muuma (Misdreavus)


The Muuma is just a small pokemon that is a flying head. According to the pokedex it ‘loves to sneak up on people late at night, then startle them with its shriek like cry’.

The Muuma is inspired by the Nukekubi. A nukekubi is a cursed woman who’s head would detach itself from the body, only at nights. However it would detach without the woman herself knowing.

But the Nukekubi is worse than the Muuma as it would go out and drink human and/or animal blood before returning to its body.