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Woman Takes Her Amputated Foot On Holiday

A woman whose foot was amputated due to cancer has dedicated an entire Instagram account to its daily adventures.

Following surgery, Kristi Loyall asked staff if she could keep her amputated foot, to which they agreed. She then sent it off to be cleaned and transformed into a proper skeleton memento.

Now, Loyall takes the skeletal foot on holiday and daily adventures which she shrares photos of it on her very own instagram account, ‘One Foot Wander’.

Loyall said she was diagnosed with epitheliod sarcoma in 2016, after years of going backwards and forwards from the doctor’s

She has also set up a lighthearted Instagram account dedicated to her foot, as a way of dealing with her cancer journey in a humorous light.

While cancer may have taken her foot, it certainly hasn’t taken her sense of humour.