How to Summon Toire no Hanako-san?

Do you want to know how to summon Toire no Hanako-san?

Hanako-san is a very old urban legend found in Japan. A little girl ghost that haunts the toilet is what she is. She is always wearing the old styled red school uniform and her hair is usually in a bob.

If you have heard of her before, have you ever wondered how to summon Hanako-san? This video will show you how to summon Hanako-san of the toilet. The urban legend, not the one from Yokai Watch.

If you decided NOT to watch it, here is the write-up:

You can summon the ghost by knocking on the 3rd stall of the 4th floor’s girls bathroom.

*knock knock knock*

Then ask her if she’s there,

“Um.. Hanako-san… Are you there?”

If she’s there she’d reply “Yep, I’m here” well maybe not in that laid back way, but she would answer that she is there.

So if you get a reply there’s a few things you can do.

  1. You can get surprised and run. She might still be there waiting for you the next time you use the toilet.
  2. You can ask her questions and she would be obliged to answer.
  3. You can open the door.

Opening the door would get you dragged into the toilet bowl and killed. Unless you can show her that you’re a good student.

If you’re unlucky, there’s another way for her to appear without even summoning her.

The situation is like this. If you use the last stall in the bathroom and hear someone in the next stall asking if you want to play. Beware! It could be her. If you answered yes.. You’re dead! She would crawl from the top of the stall into yours and she would start to “play”.

This is a snippet from a longer video from this article about Filthy Toilet Ghosts.