5 Popular Yokai in Manga and Anime

Yokai are creatures found in Japanese folklore. They may be scary, funny or just plain weird. Here are 5 Yokai that are pretty well known and always makes its appearance in anime and manga.

5. Kappa

Most of you who frequent twitch would think of a different Kappa when you hear that name. But for those who are familiar with manga and anime, you would know that a Kappa are aquatic creatures that inhabit lakes or rivers, have a bald spot on their head, crazy about cucumbers and are usually green.

They are usually portrayed as funny yokai but they are much more creepier than what we are accustomed to.

From Arakawa Under the Bridge

Lets start of with their appearance. They are usually the size of human children. Has scaly skin that could range from green to red to yellow to even blue. They have webbed hands and feet, has a beak and a turtle-like shell.

They possess 3 anuses and are known to fart 3 times more than humans and the dish-like bald spot on their head, are the source of their powers. The bald spot needs to be kept wet at all times or the Kappa will dry up and may eventually die.

Another weird body feature they have is that their arms are said to be connected to each other through the torso and can slide from one side to the other. Meaning if one arm was pulled, the other arm would retract into the shell.

Like humans, some are good and some are bad. The good Kappas would live solitary lives, may befriend humans or other yokai and likes to play tricks and games like sumo wrestling or shogi and some are known to help people with irrigation.

Now, the bad ones are known to be violent and crass. They would attack, bite and drag anything under water until they drown. They are also known to kidnap or rape swimming women and would also devour humans alive.