5 Malay Ghosts and Supernatural beings


This last one is the most commercialized ghost of them all. Its in movies, books, TV shows, pretty famous I must say.

She has pale white skin, clad in a white long dress, long hair and lips that says I’m gonna bite you. She is called Pontianak and in all seriousness she is the craziest of them all.

The way she attacks is by pouncing. Then she would dig into your stomach and eat your internal organs. IF you’re a man, your manhood will be ripped out with her bare hands because of revenge.

Her story goes like this, when a pregnant woman dies of unnatural causes like being murdered, her spirit would likely feel a lot of hatred and will turn into this vengeful ghost. Because of revenge she will come and terrorize a village until she gets the one that she wants.

To know if she’s near, there would be the sweet smell of Frangipani which after some time turn into the smell of poop. Which is always accompanied by her signature laugh. They say that if you hear that the laugh is near, rest assured that she is far away. But! If the laugh sounds like its really far away.. be very afraid as she would be very near.

Also (this is really far fetched) if you manage to plunge a nail into the nape of her neck, assuming you’re still alive when you see her, she would turn into a beautiful woman that you can make into a wife forever. Or until the nail is taken out of her where she’d transform back into the savage ghost and might eat you.