5 Korean Mythological Creatures

1. Dokkaebi

If you watch the world cup, You would have definitely seen the devil like goblin face on the banners, shirts or even towels of the South Korean national football team supporters. This goblin is what the Koreans call the Dokkaebi.

A dokkaebi is a grotesque- looking goblin. It usually carries 2 special items with it. Has a magical club (the weapon) and a magic hat as well. Now the club acts like a magic wand but all it can do is conjure objects out of thin air. Though, apparently it can’t create things, it can only summon existing things. So it would be a bit useless if you want to get rich or summon money without being a thief. Of course all that is IF you managed to get a hold of the club of course.

Now the hat they have is also magical. It can make one become invisible just like the Cloak of invisibility in Harry Potter.

There are a few different kinds of dokkaebis and people have divided them according to their appearance. Such as the Oedari Dokkaebi which only has one leg and likes to play the Ssireum which is a type of korean traditional wrestling and the Nat Dokkaebi that unlike the other kind of dokkaebi would appear during the day and are known to give the magic hats to humans.


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