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How the Giant’s Causeway was Made (Irish Mythology)

The Giant’s Causeway

If you go to the coast of Ulster or Staffa the nearest isle of Scotland, you would see the rock formations consisting of hexagons. According to folktales, these rock formations were made by a giant called Fin McCool.

The story:

A long time ago when giants and physically strong men was a norm, there was an Irish giant called Finn McCool. Finn was an angry giant and wanted to pick a fight with one of the Scottish giant called Benandonner. He was also called The Red Man.

Thus, Finn McCool started constructing a causeway. So that Benandonner who apparently couldn’t swim could cross over to Ireland. He built the causeway consisting of six-sided cobblestones which apparently is for easier construction as it would fit perfectly like a honeycomb.

Finishing the causeway, he shouted a challenge to the Red Man! But to his surprise, as the Scot got closer and closer, he saw that Benandonner was bigger than he imagined.

On the sight of Benandonner, he scurried back home to County Kildare. There he told his wife that he made a grave mistake!! The wife, Oonagh, being the brains in the relationship, covered Finn in a few couple of sheets and put him in a makeshift cradle and told Finn to act like a baby.

Then came Benandonner outside their house shouting for Finn. The wife went out and calmly said, “Shush, you’ll wake the baby up!” motioning to the makeshift cradle. Upon seeing the huge baby, all Benandonner could think of was, “if the baby is that big, how much bigger would the father be?”

This is when he turns and fled back to where he came from.

On the way back, he made sure to dismantle the causeway. To make a point of “I’m not taking any of this bull crap”. So while Benandonner was dismantling, Finn McCool got to the causeway and he too started dismantling the causeway on his side out of fear.

Thus the story of the Giant’s Causeway.