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Constipated Man “Shoved An Eel Up His Ass”

Doctors removed an eel from a man in China who was afflicted with stomach pains. The man inserted the creature into his anus in a futile attempt to unblock his intestines – after realizing he made things worse he went to seek medical treatment.

The 49 year old man initially visited the hospital earlier that week due to his excruciating stomach pains, informing doctors that he had a significant blockage in his bowels. The doctors advised him to remain in the hospital for treatment but the man refused to wait and decided to take matters into his own hands by inserting a 50cm long live eel into his bum.

He was under the impression that eels could be used to alleviate constipation according to old medicinal practice. The treatment however had the opposite effect and made things much worse.

After being rushed to the hospital the surgeons extracted the 8 ounce eel and the remains of his bowel blockage…