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    Woman Takes Her Amputated Foot On Holiday

    A woman whose foot was amputated due to cancer has dedicated an entire Instagram account to its daily adventures. Following surgery, Kristi Loyall asked staff if she could keep her amputated foot, to which they agreed. She then sent it off to be cleaned and transformed into a proper skeleton memento. Now, Loyall takes the […]

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    Silicon Valley security robot beat up in parking lot

    A 300-pound egg-shaped security robot was punched to the ground by an allegedly drunken man outside a Silicon Valley shopping center, Mountain View police said. A 41-year-old Mountain View man has been arrested in connection to the alleged parking-lot altercation with the Knightscope-made droid. The accused robo-assailant, who faces charges of prowling and public intoxication, was […]

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    Woman gets her hand stuck while unblocking a toilet

    Firefighters had to be called to help free a woman who had her hand stuck in the toilet.  Gracie Henderson moved into her new house and needed to unblock her toilet – without the right tools at hand she used the best thing available to her… Her hand. She ran into problems when her watch got […]