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    Yakuza Boss Arrested for Stealing Fruit

    Police have apprehended a Yakuza gang boss accused of filching fruit and other basic necessities from a Nagoya grocery store, with the arrest sure to be humiliating for the established man if he did indeed commit such a petty crime – and perhaps the only way cops could catch him. Affiliated with the Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi, […]

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    Woman Takes Her Amputated Foot On Holiday

    A woman whose foot was amputated due to cancer has dedicated an entire Instagram account to its daily adventures. Following surgery, Kristi Loyall asked staff if she could keep her amputated foot, to which they agreed. She then sent it off to be cleaned and transformed into a proper skeleton memento. Now, Loyall takes the […]

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    Silicon Valley security robot beat up in parking lot

    A 300-pound egg-shaped security robot was punched to the ground by an allegedly drunken man outside a Silicon Valley shopping center, Mountain View police said. A 41-year-old Mountain View man has been arrested in connection to the alleged parking-lot altercation with the Knightscope-made droid. The accused robo-assailant, who faces charges of prowling and public intoxication, was […]

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    Constipated Man “Shoved An Eel Up His Ass”

    Doctors removed an eel from a man in China who was afflicted with stomach pains. The man inserted the creature into his anus in a futile attempt to unblock his intestines – after realizing he made things worse he went to seek medical treatment. The 49 year old man initially visited the hospital earlier that […]

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    Hash browns recalled for possible contamination with golf balls

    Hash browns sold under the Harris Teeter and Roundy’s brands have been recalled for an unusual reason: possible golf ball contamination.   The Food & Drug Administration’s recall notice says that McCain Foods USA, Inc. has voluntarily recalled frozen hash browns sold under the Harris Teeter and Roundy’s brands because they may be “contaminated with extraneous golf ball […]

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    Homeless people handed free beer as part of Bud Light campaign

    Bewildered shoppers watched a Bud Light 4×4 park up beside a Subway in Whitechapel this afternoon where staff gifted cans of lager to passers-by as part of a promotional campaign. The vehicle was quickly told to move by one of the council staff because they did not have any permission to be there. There were […]