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    Odin, Vili and Ve in Norse Mythology

    Odin, Vili and Ve are brothers. It is said that these 3 gods were the one that made the world. Though, Odin seems to be the most famous one among the 3 because, he was the eldest, definitely the strongest and he ruled Asgard. They made earth by killing Ymir. Ymir was a hermaphroditic frost giant and […]

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    5 Freaky French Folklore Creatures

    The amount of French folklore creatures are surprisingly scarce but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any around. Here are 5 creatures I managed to find some information and details on:

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    Romulus and Remus in Roman Mythology

    This is one version of the story of Romulus and Rĕmus. They were twin brothers that were ordered to be killed by the King of Alba Longa, King Amulius in fear of being dethroned. But because the mother of the children, daughter of the previous king, said their father is one of their gods, either […]

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    7 Scottish Folklore Creatures

    Scotland. The land synonymous to kilts and bagpipes. But it is also a land with many mystical creatures that may just hunt you down or help you out. Thus, here are 7 Scottish folklore creatures: