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    5 Scary Women in Japanese Folklore

    Japan has a lot of stories of weird creatures in their collection. These folklore creatures may be identified with many names such as Yokai or bakemono or even ayakashi. This list will talk about 5 scary women in Japanese folklore. 5. Jorogumo Which could mean either binding bride or whore spider. In the Edo period, […]

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    5 Popular Yokai in Manga and Anime

    Yokai are creatures found in Japanese folklore. They may be scary, funny or just plain weird. Here are 5 Yokai that are pretty well known and always makes its appearance in anime and manga. 5. Kappa Most of you who frequent twitch would think of a different Kappa when you hear that name. But for […]

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    5 Korean Mythological Creatures

    This article will talk about 5 Korean mythological creatures. It will focus on both the South and North Korean creatures. The mythology in Korea, Japan and China usually coincide with each other, so you may get a few similarities in their mythological creatures.

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    5 Germanic Mythological Creatures

    Here are 5 Germanic Mythological creatures. Most of these creatures would kill you. So aren’t you glad they are only mythological and not a common occurrence? 5. Alp The Alps are creatures that appear in nightmares in the middle of the night. These creatures would appear in the dreams of men and women but prefers […]

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    Odin, Vili and Ve in Norse Mythology

    Odin, Vili and Ve are brothers. It is said that these 3 gods were the one that made the world. Though, Odin seems to be the most famous one among the 3 because, he was the eldest, definitely the strongest and he ruled Asgard. They made earth by killing Ymir. Ymir was a hermaphroditic frost giant and […]

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    5 Malay Ghosts and Supernatural beings

    Ghosts and Supernatural Beings in the Malay Culture To start off with, Malay is a race in south east Asia that are mostly found in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Now the ghosts that I’m going to talk about are mostly known in the Malay regions but similarities may be found around other parts of […]

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    5 Rain Yokai in Japanese Folklore

    Yokai are folklore creatures from Japan. Creatures that are weird, creepy, dangerous or even funny. Japan has a collection of Yokai as they really do like their scary stories especially during summer. But here are 5 out of many that comes out especially during rainfall.