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    The Story of the 12 Chinese Zodiac + the Cat

    In ancient times, the jade emperor who is the emperor of the heavens in chinese mythology ordered animals to have a race. The winner would be remembered as calendar signs as a means for people to measure time. But only 12 can fill the spot in the calendar. Hearing this, all the animals were excited […]

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    7 Hypoallergenic Cats

    Facts on Hypoallergenic Cats¬† All cats produce an allergen from their skin or saliva (not hair) but some produces less allergens than others. Thus the word “hypo” which means “less than” in the word hypoallergenic. Before choosing a hypoallergenic cat or dog as stated from the internet you need to be exposed to them in […]

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    10 Dangerous Animals

    Here are the list of 10 animals that can be dangerous to us humans. You might not think it at first, but you will be shocked! 10. Cows Look at them. cute, docile, laid back but if you’re not careful, a kick here, a headbutt there and a trampling everywhere~~