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    10 Pokemon Based on Inanimate Objects

    The Pokemon creature designs are based on various things. Even inanimate objects. Imagine everyday objects and put googly eyes on them. They might just pass on being a Pokemon. I jokes. But here are 10 of these inanimate objects that inspired these Pokemon’s design.

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    7 Afterlife Situations from Different Religions

    Ever wondered what happens after death? People throughout time, especially those whom practice a certain religion, has their own version of the afterlife and what happens after death. Some goes to get judged, some goes to a better place, some just goes to another world and some gets reincarnated. What really happens is definitely a […]

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    5 Unusual Forms of Propaganda by Governments

    Propaganda is quite a strong thing. Most propaganda goes unnoticed but its definitely around influencing people’s way of thinking. Some even influences people’s emotion to a certain idea or a certain thing. In this article, here are 5 forms of propaganda that has and known to have been used to change ones mind on an […]

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    5 Real Ancient Underwater Cities

    You might think of Atlantis when you hear about underwater cities or civilisations. Also, technically we have not even found this city of Atlantis. But other than Atlantis, there are real and existing cities that have sunk underwater. This article talks about 5 real underwater cities that you might even be able to visit one […]

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    5 Facts about Christmas

    Did you know that some countries banned Christmas? Or that Christmas was considered a Pagan celebration? Here are 5 more facts about Christmas that you might just be surprised to finally know:

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    5 Halloween Costume Origins

    Ever wondered about the origins of some well known Halloween costumes? Such as the bed sheet ghost and the sexy costumes? Here we’ll talk about their origins and how they came to be~

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    Is Kunimitsu a Demon? | Tekken Theory and Lore

    If you don’t know, Kunimitsu is the character from Tekken that always wears a mask. Not much is known about her but this video will explain to you the story and theory behind her mask. Lets just say, you would not be able to come up with her connection with Yokai. Another video featuring my […]

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    Nina & Anna Williams | Tekken Theory and Lore

    Ever wondered about the story of the hot sisters from Tekken? Why is it that Nina and Anna Williams always seem to be fighting? This video will show you the theory and story behind their actions. Also! This video features my voice. ^^

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    5 Modern Controversies Surrounding Ancient Egypt

    5. Chinese Graffiti The Luxor complex houses a great collection of Egyption relics and structures of more than 3,500 years old. It is built on the site of the great old city of Thebes and is one of Egypt’s most popular tourism destinations. So on May 24, 2013, a Chinese blogger called Shen Yuwen posted […]

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    Yakuza Tattoos

    The Yakuza and their Tattoos The yakuza. You know them as a gang that mostly controls the red light district. They own the businesses there or even the territories. There are also always stories about them very into their honour and loyalty. But of course, still does all the illegal stuff in the background. Now […]

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    5 Chinese New Years Facts

      Xīnnián kuàilè! (新年快乐) to all of you~ Anyways that means Happy New Year in Chinese and the Chinese New Year is coming real soon. So here are facts about the Chinese New Year to give a general understanding about it. 1. The date is always changing What I mean is that, the date of […]