7 Ways to Become Immortal (Supposedly)

Way to become immortal #2

In The Epic of Gilgamesh which is a legend of the King of Uruk who was two-thirds god and one third man, There was a bit in the epic where his best friend Enkidu dies because the two of them angered the gods. This lead Gilgamesh to mourn his friend’s demise and to fear for his own inevitable death.

So he set on a journey to find Utnapishtim. Rumours said that Utnapishtim survived a big flood that was intended to destroy humankind by the gods. A bit like Noah. But the god of wisdom Ea was the one who warned Utnapishtim and told him to make the giant boat and get the seed of every living creature with him.

Anyways he survived, the gods said sorry and gave him eternal life. Gilgamesh then insisted to be allowed to live forever as well. But Utnapishtim told him to leave after giving Gilgamesh a test because technically he’s not god and its not within his power to give immortality. But right when he was departing, Utnapishtim’s wife told Gilgamesh of a miraculous plant that can restore youth.

She tells Gilgamesh that he could find the special plant at the bottom of the sea and her only description of the plant is that it is thorny like a rose.

Surprisingly Gilgamesh did find the miraculous plant. He planned to share it with the elders of Uruk. But while he was camping on the way back, a snake took the plant. The snake ate it and shedding its skin, it became young again. Gilgamesh then returned to Uruk empty handed.

From the story we could deduce that the plant did work but it must be really rare that Gilgamesh didn’t go back to find it again.

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