7 Ways to Become Immortal (Supposedly)

Way to become immortal #5

In Norse mythology there’s an apple tree that gives golden apples and that is the source of their god’s immortality, power and perpetual youth. The keeper of the golden apples is the goddess of eternal youth, Iðunn who was the wife of Bragi, the god of poetry.

As stated earlier, without the apples the gods powers would decline. There’s a story where Idunn was kidnapped by a giant to the mountains of Jotenheim. Without Idun’s apples the gods and godesses start to show signs of aging and their powers also start to decline.

So one thing led to the other, the gods ordered Loki to get her back because it was his fault that she was kidnapped in the first place and sure enough he managed to get her back thus their youth and power was then restored.

Technically, the golden apple is like a miracle drug that gives you immortality and power. At least if you want to stop being immortal, you just need to stop eating the golden apples. Also, you need to find Asgard and find Idunn, to find the golden apples.

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