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7 More Yokai that are Made Into Pokemon

1. Froslass / ユキメノコ

They are women lost in snowy mountains as said in the pokedex,

“Legends in snowy regions say that a woman who was lost on an icy mountain was reborn as Froslass”.

Almost the same like a yuki onna but rather than being lost, they live in the snowy mountain passes and would prey on people who got lost in the snowstorm. Their appearance are closely inspired as they are both beautiful, female, has pure white skin and piercing eyes.

Legends of the yuki onna mostly involves the yuki onna falling in love with a man and get married with said man.

But throughout the marriage, the man would start getting suspicious of the yuki onna. This is because of her eternal youth and beauty. Never seeming to age even after being together for years.

The men should’ve just shut up and take it as it is that they got lucky getting a beautiful wife who looked young forever but that’s rarely the case. The men would start having doubts of whether she is a yokai or human. In short, the marriages always end bad when you marry a yuki onna.


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