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7 More Yokai that are Made Into Pokemon

2. Slowbro / ヤドラン & Slowking / ヤドキング

These Pokemon look like a hippopotamus found a giant shell and decided to wear it because it feels good. Or a hermit crab that looks like a hippopotamus. You pick. But the one yokai that it could originate from is the sazae oni which is translated to the turban shell ogre.

Now the Sazaeoni is a shapeshifting yokai usually shapeshifting to the form of a beautiful women as most shapeshifting things like to do and would pretend to be drowning in the sea.

There is one legend where it was “rescued” by pirates while in woman form. That night, all the pirates in the ship had their way with her but she had hers as well by biting off their testicles.

By the end of the night, she had all of the pirates testicles and desperately wanting their “kintama” (testicles) back, the gave all their treasure to the sazae oni.

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