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7 More Yokai that are Made Into Pokemon

The Pokemon are usually based from existing things. It may be real life plants and animals, folklore, beliefs and even inanimate objects. This article will talk about the Pokemon that are based on Yokai aka Japanese Folklore Creatures. So we might be able to call them Pokemon Yokai or Yokai Pokemon? Maybe…

7. Exeggutor / ナッシー & Exeggcute / タマタマ

I was freaked out when I first time saw Exeggutor. This is because of the heads on the trees. This correlates to the Japanese folklore of trees with heads for fruits. The fruits would have human faces that could smile and laugh. This tree is called the Jinmenju.

There was a story of the tree yokai that originated from China where the fruit would laugh as it got ripe and fall off the tree, even their seeds have faces on them. This would definitely be the Exeggcutes.

We could argue that the Exeggutor came before the Exeggcute from their evolving order but fruits, seeds and trees, which one really came first just like the question is it the egg or the hen?

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