7 Mythical Creatures in Lakes and Rivers

1. Abaia

From the Melanesian mythology, it is an eel like-like monster that lives in the bottom of freshwater lakes in the Fiji, Solomon and Vanuatu Islands. The Abaia seems to be the guardian of the lake and considers everything in the lake to be under its care. Thus, anyone that even attempts to harm or disturb the lake will be killed by it.

The Abaia kills by causing terrible rain storms that floods the village or area.

One of its stories goes like this, one day a man found a lake which has a lot of fish. He started fishing there and eventually caught a lot of fish from it. Little did he know that that lake was the home of the Abaia.

Happy, the man told his village of the bountiful lake. People went there the next day and started fishing. Apparently a woman managed to get hold of a huge eel but the eel escaped with its strength and size. That eel was Abaia himself.

So, Abaia got angry because his habitat has been disturbed and his underlings were caught. He retaliated by causing a great rain to fall that night causing waters from the lake to rise and flooded the village drowning everyone in it. The only one who survived to tell the tale was an old woman who didn’t take part in fishing nor ate anything from that lake.