7 Mythical Creatures in Lakes and Rivers

6. Vodyanoy

A Slavic Mythological creature that is specifically male. They inhabits rivers, ponds and streams. It has a frog-like face with long greenish hair, a green beard that reaches its feet, round body which is usually covered in algae and his skin is covered in black fish scales. It is believed to be a water spirit and has a tendency to be evil.

Occasionally, the Vodyanoy are said to hide its self underwater totally submerged and has a beautiful flower right above it. The flower acts as a lure for people to come near and pick it. So when a person stepped in its range, it would drag that person into the water and 2 things could happen. The first one is death and the second one you are taken to its magical water kingdom and forced to either marry him or become his slave for life OR both.

Now when he’s not in a hunting mood, he is said to ride on a half-sunk log along his river making loud splashes without a care in the world.