7 Mythical Creatures in Lakes and Rivers

What’s under the water is usually mysterious. Thus legends and weird stories involving them is not a rare occurrence. Scary and weird creatures are found in folklore around the world and here are 7 of these weird and creepy creatures:

7. Fossegrimen

This creature is very peculiar from the Scandinavian folklore. It looks like a handsome young man, completely nude and plays the fiddle under the waterfall. He doesn’t disturb people nor does he help people unless angered or asked.

He is a magnificent musician and would play his fiddle beautifully. His playing is so beautiful it moves and enchants people’s hearts may it be a happy or sad song. He gets angry or annoyed if people played bad music near him which would turn him into a terrifying monster instead.

Now because of his skills, there are stories of people asking him to teach them the fiddle and he would gladly teach them as long as they give him food especially meat. Apparently the quality of his teaching differs greatly depending on the food he is given. If the meal or meat is inadequate all he would teach is tuning or plucking.