7 Legendary Sea Creatures

When I think of a sea monster. I think of this specific line from a specific movie, “Release the Kraken!!!” But apparently that story is not mythological-ly accurate. Look out for the real creature that was supposed to be THE sea monster that didn’t make the cut by Hollywood’s standard.

7. Umibozu

Which literally means sea monk. They are named after its appearance of having a rounded head which resembles the shaved heads of Buddhist monks. Other than the top part of its body above the sea, the true appearance of the Umibozu is still unknown.

Usually, they look like humanoid giants between the size of a ship to humongous. Their skin is black and some say it has a serpentine limbs like a giant octopus while others say they are like misty ghosts with big round eyes.

The Umibozu will appear on calm nights in the seas of Japan and just like the saying “the calm before the storm” a sudden change in weather always accompany its appearance.

Be afraid when you see them because all they want to do is sink your ship. Either by tipping the ship over or smashing the hull of the ship or even physically dragging the ship slowly to its impending doom.