7 Creatures From Irish Mythology

2. Clurichauns & 1.Leprechauns

We all know what a leprechaun is, the little old men with the green outfit and the lucky charms with the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Now, a clurichaun tho is like a toned down version of a leprechaun.

Some say its a close cousin to the leprechaun but some say that they are the leprechauns themselves. Why is a clurichaun like and not like the leprechaun? It is because these clurichauns are always seen at night and is drunk as a sailor. Their physical appearance look just like the leprechauns but more disheveled and sloppy

They still like to prank people but they are more interested in people’s wine cellar and just have the time of their life drinking til everything is dry. As a drunkard, they would ride sheeps, goats and even the dogs just for the fun of it.

So are they a close cousin to the leprechauns? Or are they leprechauns who had just too many drinks for its own good?


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