7 Creatures From Irish Mythology

4. Dullahan

We could probably call them the headless horseman because it rides a horse or drive a coach without a head on its shoulder. The severed head is usually carried on one hand or sat down next to it on the coach.

This is the headless horseman from Sleepy Hollow. But the Dullahan is also a headless horseman. 🙂 Technically.

These Dullahan could either be a man or a woman. They have a gothic taste in items where it has a whip made out of human spine and the wagon adorned with gothic objects like candles in skulls or wheels made of bones.

Now, the Dullahan hates to be seen. It will throw blood on the person who sees them or using his whip he would strike the person’s face and blind ’em.

They are a bit like the banshee in which, where there is the dullahan there will be death. But death only happens when they stop in their tracks and shout the name of the soon to be dead. So if you hear the sound of horses nearby and your name being called, I hope its not the dullahan.