7 Creatures From Irish Mythology

6. Pooka

They are shape shifters, it can take the form of other animals and even humans. But in human form it would still have animal features like the ears or tail. The only

Black fur with red eyes~

common feature that doesn’t change is its fiery golden or red eyes and has jet black hair or fur.

The pooka can either give good advice when treated with respect or destroy huge masses of crops and even vandalise people’s property if it doesn’t get what it wants.

Like in remote areas of County Down, the pooka becomes a goblin that demands a share of the crops at the end of harvest. In other parts of Ireland, it would become a creature like the bogeyman and just scare people who walk outside at night.

But in County Fermanagh, on high mountain tops, the pooka would almost always turn into a black horse and if treated with respect, would give advice and a bit of prophecy of what is to come.