7 Afterlife Situations from Different Religions

4. Judaism

Apparently in Judaism, it is unclear what will happen after ones death. There’s a few beliefs from going to hell or heaven, reincarnation to even being resurrected one day. But most of the ideas about the afterlife only developed post biblical times.

Thus what is certain is that, as Judaism focuses on the life they currently own, their beliefs is more about the kind of life one has lived. As long as they follow their God’s path and does nothing bad, there would be a better place for their efforts.

But if there is a heaven and hell, it would be Gan Eden and Gehenna. Gan Eden is said to be a perfect place of bliss and peace. Only the righteous goes straight to Gan Eden. While Gehenna or Sheol is a place where people gets purified for their sin. It is said that the demons manifested in Gehenna are created by one’s own sins. Thus, the more sin you have the longer you would stay in Gehenna.

After you have done your time in Gehenna, you would be placed in Olam Ha-Ba which is a new world. Not as great as Gan Eden but better than Gehenna.