7 Afterlife Situations from Different Religions

Ever wondered what happens after death? People throughout time, especially those whom practice a certain religion, has their own version of the afterlife and what happens after death.

Some goes to get judged, some goes to a better place, some just goes to another world and some gets reincarnated. What really happens is definitely a mystery but who’s to say everything and everyone is wrong?

Either way, in this article we will talk about 7 situations on what could happen in the afterlife. That is, according to different religions.


As most religion changes throughout time or according to different teachings, there may be inconsistencies in ones belief.

7. Ancient Egyptian


The ancient Egyptians believe that humans are made of the body they are born with and the soul within it. For either of it to remain in existence, both must not be destroyed. Without the body, the soul would cease to exist and vice versa. That’s why they mummified people in the past. To ensure that the soul would not disappear when the body disintegrates.

But where does the soul go? According to texts found on coffins, they would go to the underworld called Duat. Duat is pretty similar to Earth but has turquoise trees, iron walls all around separating different layers, lakes of fire and overall much more lushfull yet dark. It is a pretty dangerous place. Its a place that wants to kill you for the second time. And as stated earlier, once you die a second time, you would be gone forever.

So there are traps all over the place and you also need to look out for supernatural animals. Not to mention some Gods such as Osiris, Anubis, Horus, Thoth, Ma’at and Hathor whom are also easily angered and would also harm you.

There’s a few beliefs in what happens in Duat. Some say that people basically live their life til they die , without any judgement whatsoever. Or the Duat is just an intermediate where the soul needs to pass through to be finally judged at the end of the journey.

So you either end up devoured by the Devourer of Souls, Ammit or pass on to paradise called Aaru.