5 Young Murderers (14 Years Old and Younger)

1. John Venables & Robert Thompson
On 12 February 1993, the 2 11 year old boys were playing truant from school as they usually do. They stole various items that day such as sweets, some batteries and blue paint which were later found at the murder scene. Seeking some sort of amusement, they came up with a psychopathic idea of abducting a kid and seeing him die.

This resulted in the death of 2 year old James Patrick Bulger. He was abducted as shown from a CCTV in the shopping centre where they walked for over 2.5 miles stopping every now and again to torture the boy.

They finally stopped at a railway track, where they continued torturing little Bulger. There they kicked and stomped at him brutally, threw rocks and bricks that they can find. The paint they had was thrown into his left eye and batteries were placed in his mouth.

They even made the boy strip his lower clothing for what the pathologist believe was something sexual because Bulger’s foreskin had been forcibly retracted and it was believed that they have also inserted some of the batteries in Bulgers anus.

The final blow was from a 10 kg iron bar which was dropped on Bulger’s head. In the end, they left Bulger on the train tracks in hopes of making it look like an accident, where his body was cut in half by a train.

The 2 killers were released in 2001 and given new identities where one probably lived a normal life while the other was found to have child pornography in his computer.