5 Young Murderers (14 Years Old and Younger)


Young murderers, do they know what they were doing was wrong? Did they feel remorse on what they have done? We would never know. What we know is how and when they did the killings. These are the list of some of them:

5. Natsumi Tsuji
Also known as Nevada-tan by the internet because of the sweatshirt she presumably wore on the day of the event.

Nevada tan was a social outcast and depended on the internet for comfort. She had her own website that was based on a game called The Red Room, where she would blog for her friends to read. With more friends she makes online, the more she became dependent on it.

So on the 1st June 2004, she killed a classmate, Satomi Mitarai, by slitting her throat with a cutter. Then with her clothes covered in blood, she walked back into the classroom to tell the teachers of what she did but it was too late to save Mitarai as her heart had stopped due to the blood loss.

It was said that she killed Mitarai because of a demeaning comment she made on the website that Nevada tan was proud of.

Finally, on may 29th 2008, Local authorities announced that she will be released and will not be given additional sentence.