5 Dangerously Filthy Toilet Demons and Ghosts

The toilet is a filthy place. Its where people do their personal “business” in there and its just overall covered with poop mist after flushing. It is also a place where we are vulnerable and have our pants down that if anything scary happened, we wouldn’t be so quick to run.

So here are 5 demons/ghosts that are said to always hang around the loo.

5. Jinn

They are an Islamic supernatural creatures that are described as being on fire but does not emit smoke. It is believed that they are living together with us on the same planet but in a different plane where they can see us but we can’t see them.

They can interact with people and objects and can show themselves if they chose to. It is believed that Jinns are diverse as humans. They have different personalities, preferences and some are good and some are evil.

So if you happen to meet a good one, maybe something like the genie from Alladin, consider yourself lucky as they have a good amount of magic. But not without consequences though because nothing is free and you will never know if they are truly good or not.

Now some of the evil ones likes filth. So they would inhabit dirty toilets. It is known that they would splash some urine back at you or make you horny when your private parts are on display.

The worse case scenario, they might posses their victims and may even cause permanent insanity.

The only way for you to protect yourself from any jinn is by reciting certain chapters or verses of the Quran and believe whole heartedly in Allah. Mention the name of Allah with the intent to be protected and there would be an invisible veil that prevents the jinn from seeing what should not be seen.